Navara Double Cab

All-New Nissan Navara DC

The all-new Nissan Navara merges the rugged strength of a bakkie with the comfort of a luxury SUV, to create a new kind of beast that's the best of both worlds. A powerful turbo diesel engine, pushing out 120kW and 403Nm of torque, coupled with the smoothness of an optional 7-speed automatic transmission, redefines the drivetrain for a more efficient and responsive drive. 


Exceptional Fuel Economy

The Nissan Navara shows how power, acceleration and fuel efficiency can not only coexist but thrive. Class-leading fuel efficiency is achieved by using low friction components, reduced mass, wide range gear transmissions and enhanced aerodynamics.

Innovative Utili-Track System

Ideal for securing any load, the innovative Utili-track tie down system consists of two channels, running the length of the bakkie bed walls. Heavy duty moveable cleats can be locked anywhere in special tie down points so you can position your load safely, securely and with ease.