Building Interpersonal Relationships (Part 1)

Building Interpersonal Relationships (Part 1)

What is Interpersonal Relationships?

An Interpersonal Relationship is a reciprocal interaction between two or more people.

Interpersonal relationships helps us to make a contact with another human being. If there is no contact there will be no communication. Good example is like a cell phone with no signal (no contact). The connection is lost and there will be no communication – this leaves us feeling very frustrated and helpless.

People wants to feel what is communicating to them and must be able to challenge each other opinions without any repercussions.

Two way communication is key.

Why is Interpersonal Relationship important for the individual?

It is necessary that people must respect each other’s view and opinion in an interpersonal relationship.

Interpersonal relationships is important for a person’s overall physical and psychological health and wellbeing.

Relationships gives people purpose to live and combats loneliness.

People with an interpersonal relationship share a general plan and goal.

A person might let other people feel uncomfortable if he does not have Interpersonal Relationship.

Lack of direction confuse people.

Message: Focus on the What and Why of Interpersonal Relationship as per above and continuously strife to improve.

Kevin Gamble – Director

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