All New Suzuki Swift

Since the first Suzuki Swift arrived in South Africa in 2008, it captivated the market with a unique look and feel from a hatchback, the All New Suzuki Swift brings everything from the outgoing model and adds to it with even more styling, performance, fuel economy, reliability, and ALL THE RIGHT FEELS!

All The Right Feels

We know your car is important to you and more importantly, it’s how you feel in your car, whether its sitting in traffic or driving on your favourite winding road, that’s why having All The Right Feels is important for us, and with the All New Suzuki Swift you have this covered!

Style, comfort and made to drive

You can’t ignore a Suzuki Swift on the road with its wide stance and dynamic lines! Making those who see you envious and making you feel boss with its legendary Swift handling and fun to drive attitude.