Tiggo 4 Pro

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Family style tiger-crouching front

The tiger-crouching front face design inherits the steady design aesthetics of the TIGGO family. The front grille adopts the futuristic starry sky design, which creates natural but futuristic high-tech impression by the 2 transverse lines full of sense of depth.


Dynamic Streamlined Body

The three contours of Tiggo 4 Pro’s body not only create a sense of athletic power, but channel airflow to ensure overall stability.

Fashion-Forward 5-Spoke Alloy Wheels

Rust-proof and durable multi-spoke mirror design alloy wheels accentuate the Tiggo 4 Pro’s stylish and sporty feel.

*Alloy Wheels: Urban & Comfort Models – 16-inch | Elite & Elite SE Models – 17-inch

Smart Space

With a long wheelbase and even longer body length, the Tiggo 4 Pro’s small body is surprising accommodating. With a up to 1100 litres of boot capacity, you can pack what you want – even large strollers – say goodbye to cramped space and get a comfortable driving experience every time you get behind the wheel or into a passenger seat.

High Performance Engine

Powerful at low speed with continuous power at high speed, the Tiggo 4 Pro’s durable and reliable naturally aspirated engine and transmission makes for great fuel efficiency and easier driving with more direct power output, higher transmission efficiency, and faster shift response.

1.5 VVT Engine (Urban & Comfort models)
83kW of power | 138Nm of torque
1.5T CVT Engine(Elite model)
108kW of power | 210Nm of torque

10.25-Inch Touch Display Screen

The Tiggo 4 Pro’s takes in-cabin tech to the next level with a 10.25-inch UHD ultra-clear floating LCD screen with resolution up to 1920x720, delivering operation that’s smoother than a mobile phone, and a user-friendly interface design equipped with three sets of themes so you can choose the one that matches your mood.

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