Let's get eextra with the new Suzuki Eeco!

Take on the hustle with eextra style using the new Suzuki Eeco Panel Van. Designed to make your day-to-day business errands more efficient, the Suzuki Eeco Panel Van boasts ample cargo space, safety features, and fuel efficiency.

Eextra space for all your essentials

The uniquely designed Eeco panel van includes a versatile cargo cabin flatbed and a completely covered cabin space, suited for all kinds of business requirements. The Eeco also includes 32L fuel tank petrol capacity.

Eextra safety for all your cargo

Keep your cargo safe with more than eight safety features. The new Suzuki Eeco panel van is designed to keep you and your goods safe. Safety features include an engine immobiliser to prevent theft, a reverse parking sensor to avoid collisions, and electronic stability programme (ESP) which improves vehicle stability by detecting and reducing loss of traction, keeping your business moving forward.