Building Interpersonal Relationships (Part 2)

Building Interpersonal Relationships (Part 2)

Good Interpersonal Relationships and Communication at the Workplace

  • Good interpersonal communication in the workplace drives more staff recognition.
  • Constructive feedback and mutual respect between management and workers will be established once there is a well-balanced interpersonal relationship at the workplace.
  • A special bond and trust between co-workers with positive feelings towards each other are built in a workplace where interpersonal relationships are up to standard.
  • Better understanding and effective communication between co-workers are achieved once the art of interpersonal relationships have been mastered.
  • The opportunities for misunderstandings are being limited when workers are confident, happy and positive.
  • I have always believed that a happy worker will be a productive worker.

Negatively Affecting an Interpersonal Relationship at the Workplace

Managers can easily break the moral of co-workers like:

– Criticise and verbally abuse workers in front of others

– Not being open and honest with workers

– Taking credit for someone else’s work

– Not being consistent

– Showing favouritism and not treating everyone equal

– Not giving workers recognition for a job well done

– Not communicating any new developments within the company. Not communicating the strategies, goals and targets with workers on a frequent basis.

What is the Foundation for a Leader regarding Interpersonal Relationship?

To really care about other people is one of the “Silent Attributes” of a wonderful leader. The honest and sincere caring skill of a leader walks hand in hand with:

– Two way open looking in the eyes communication without any distractions

– To be a mentor and coach

– Conflict management – Supports innovation and creativity

Kevin Gamble – Director

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