Building Interpersonal Relationships (Part 3)

Building Interpersonal Relationships (Part 3)

Conflict in the Workplace

  • One of the best ways to attend to conflict is to identify the origin and put it on the table.
  • Use the following 5 x questions to assist in identifying the root cause of the conflict:
    • Why are you mad at me?
    • Why is it bothering you so much?
    • Why is it so sensitive?
    • What is it doing to our relationship?
    • What can we do different to overcome the problem?
  • Once the origin of the cause has been established, team members must be willing to actively sit and listen to each other. ONLY LISTEN instead of trying to defend every single word.
  • The next step is to negotiate, reach a settlement and final consent/agreement by all parties involved.
  • There is a tendence where people walk away from such meetings still very negative and experience sadness of what he was giving up in the negotiations stage. This means there was no final closure. Outcome, final resolution has failed.
  • Conflict which was resolved to through consensus normally arises when a third and different option has been provided as apart from the original points.
  • Through synergy a better solution is found. Consensus will only be reached when all parties actively communicate with each other until the answer will benefit all.

Give moral a boost

  • Put daily humor in your routine
  • Send personal thank you messages on a regular basis to those who deserve it.
  • Be transparent when you communicate on a regular basis and ensure ALL employees understand exactly what the expectations are.
  • Employee acknowledgement is most probably one of the easiest forms of boosting moral. Acknowledging things like birthdays, new appointments, parenthood, performance etc. Acknowledgment from top level to lower level and vice versa.
  • Encourage team players to provide feedback and involve them when decisions are being made. Thank them for the feedback and ideas provided and when possible, incorporate those ideas.
  • Create opportunities for employees to advance and grow within the company. Employees must feel the sense of being needed and to know they are part of the plan going forward. Invest in your employees.
  • Have regular team building session and involve EVERYONE of the team.
  • Create a positive culture in the company and live it!!

Kevin Gamble – Director

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