Have you really given 110%? (Part 1)

Have you really given 110%? (Part 1)

We are living in an era of continuous change, speed and constant pressure. The current used vehicle market is not any different.

One of my many motto’s is that there is no such thing as a bad month or bad used market. YOUR capabilities of planning, closing, focusing, passion, effort, urgency, processes failed.

We must start to grasp and understand that everyone is a leader within our used departments. Your department falls under one dealership, which needs to be run by YOU. We all are dealer principals in our own way. Take OWNERSHIP and remember to smile.

The human race starts loosing focus when emotions runs rampant. One starts to look at others and what they are doing and getting. Gossip, envy and arguing becomes the norm which we feed from. Where is your focus now? Selling vehicles? Nope I don’t think so. Start to focus on what YOU can control! Things which will keep you controlled and contribute positively:

  • You CAN smile
  • You CAN be early
  • You CAN keep your desk neat and tidy
  • You CAN keep the sales floor clean
  • You CAN ensure all vehicles on the floor are clean
  • You CAN make sure all vehicles are advertised
  • You CAN double check if retail prices are market related
  • You CAN make sure all vehicles are being reconditioned
  • You CAN follow and adhere to internal SOP
  • You CAN be helpful

We cannot predict when a sale will be done, but we can set the scene for the deal to come! Yes we can!

Kevin Gamble – Director

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