It is very important for a company to have a strong leadership core, this core must maintain a trust relationship with the whole team and must continuously focus on strengthening this relationship.

Any company will face obstacles, but is how these obstacles are being overcome which shows the real character of a company. Taking the Covid pandemic as an example and how different companies are attending to the pandemic. There were no blue print in how companies needed to act in the desperate time, but I strongly believe that our company exceeded all expectations in this regard. We were looked after when the whole country was total lockdown.

There will always be room for improvement and if we constantly strife to live by our six Penta values we will definitely keep on improving. Our Penta values are: Responsibility, Collaboration, Innovation, Determination, Growth and Learning and Integrity.

As a rugby player I always played for my coach and wanted him to be proud of me. The coach create an environment for players to be inspired and to feel motivated. I would run through a brick wall if my coach had a purpose, passion, a game plan, showed effort towards us a players, had good two way communication and I would go out of my way in order not to disappoint him. You can have the best rugby player, but if he does buy into the coach game plan and methods he will not give his heart and soul. He will just play the game to receive his salary and will not put in any additional effort.

When I was a coach I chose rugby players with talent for rugby, but had to show guts, respect, passion and a lot of heart! Skills and fitness can always be improved by coaching, but heart and soul comes from the individual. Once you have a team who wants to play for each other and the coach that team will be unstoppable. Like brothers back to back in the trench. I always tried to create the environment for the players to be motivating themselves. Obviously there were plenty mistakes made by me, but I always kept trying to improve.

Constant communication regarding on what is expected in any company makes the target/goal more visible to everyone. Team players MUST know of what is expected of them on order to achieve. Where the mind is the body follows.

As Pentonians we must have only ONE game plan and all assistant coaches must follow the same game plan as the coach. The coaching staff must be open with each other and all opinions needs to be valued. If the coaching staff believes in the game plan the role out of the plan to the team will be easy.

Our customers must be treated like Kings and Queens and it is their right to be serviced by us not a privilege.

Let’s get back to back and live by our Pental Values as ONE Team. Yes, We Can!

Kevin Gamble – Director

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