Ten Things You Should Know About the Datsun GO

Ten Things You Should Know About the Datsun GO

Why would you buy a smaller car when you can get a bigger car? Because a smaller car usually costs less. Because it is cheaper to run. Because why pay for big when you want and need smaller? So you know you want a smaller car, but which one? Have a look at the Datsun GO. Many South Africans do, and here are ten facts about this popular car to help you decide.


Many small cars go out of their way to look and feel tiny. Like a ladybird with Marie-biscuit wheels, ideal for those who are short and thin. The Datsun GO looks like a proper car with a proper shape and has space inside for five adults.


This Datsun is built for South African conditions, with the firmer suspension to deal with unexpected bumps and lumps on our roads, and stronger headlamps that throw a beam that sees further and wider.


All Datsun GO models share the same proven engine. This is the three-cylinder, naturally aspirated 1.2-litre petrol that gives you a nippy 50kW power and 104Nm torque.


Until recently, the Datsun GO only came with the 5-speed manual gearbox. However, CVT (continuous variable transmission) technology has made rapid strides and you can now choose this option as well. CVT is like an automatic, but it gives you an infinitely-ideal gear ratio. It is the perfect transmission for anyone who has to spend time in peak traffic or those who see a car as a means to get from here to there with as little fuss as possible.


The Datsun GO may feel bigger than its category brethren, but its fuel consumption is right down there with the tiniest wannabe go-karts. Drive vaguely sensibly and you can easily get 20km/litre.


You want your car to be safe, no matter what the size. This Datsun has you covered there too, with driver and passenger airbags, ABS brakes, three-point seat belts in the corners and two-point on the middle-back seat, child-lock, central locking and parking sensors.


But while frugal and safe are great, you still want car some creature comforts. Like a 7” touchscreen, aircon, Android Auto/Apple Car Play, USB, Aux, FM and Bluetooth, as well as electric window and door mirrors.


The smart computerised dashboard display will give you gear change guidance for optimum fuel consumption, show you current and average fuel consumption figures and tell you how far you can go on the fuel currently in your tank.


Space is important. The Datsun GO has five full-sized seats and ample 265-litre luggage space. The front seats are fully adjustable to make even the longest trips comfortable.


You get peace of mind as well, with a very generous 6-year/150 000km warranty and a long service interval of 15 000km.

Look for a car to suit your lifestyle and your pocket? By all means, look around. But don’t buy until you have test-driven the excellent Datsun GO.

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