The New Suzuki Baleno

Is it space, economy, and safety that you are after in a vehicle? The convenience of a hatchback? Or is it the thrill of dynamic, powerful design and technology that work in perfect synchronicity?

The Suzuki Baleno delivers with exceptional on-road performance. The perfectly-designed, sleek curves both inside and out, unmatched interior space, and attention to detail have all been embodied in this modern and stylish compact car.

The Baleno’s advanced driving technology gives you a rush of pulse-pumping satisfaction and delivers a driving experience like no other.

Perfect Control

The cruise control system (GLX) gives you a new level of convenience, especially when driving on highways. Set your speed, and keep moving effortlessly, efficiently, and with an energetic undercurrent that will keep the thrills coming.

Comfort and Enjoyment

With a body-length of only 3,995mm, the interior is incredibly spacious. The rear seats offer plenty of legroom and shoulder room, and even adults can ride comfortably in the back.