Datsun GO+

Datsun GO+ Design

The Datsun GO+ is packed with all the best features from the Datsun GO, and we’ve also added a few eye-catching new ones. Its elongated body shape makes it ultra spacious, meaning you’ll never have to choose between comfortable seating or a large boot. The design aesthetic is distinctive and modern, reinforced by a sleek, dynamic silhouette and strong shoulder line. The overall impression is one of standout style, letting you make a statement wherever you travel.



There’s a lot going on in your life, and your car should help you make things happen. As a car that’s made to be as flexible as your needs, the Datsun GO+ offers a 5+2 seating option that also doubles up as extra space whenever you need it. Now you can go ahead and live your life your way: The Datsun GO+ will surely make itself fit.


Keeping your smartphone front-and-center and connected, the Datsun GO+ makes sure access to all your apps, music and phone calls are a snap. The mobile docking station connected to the speakers gives you full control of good vibes.


From bonnet to boot, the Datsun GO+ is packed with modern technologies. With its reliable 1.2L engine, advanced suspension system and front ventilated disk brakes, the Datsun GO+ delivers impressive performance that promises to exhilarate. And with features like

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