Why Atos?

Experience big thinking in the small details with the Atos. It’s low in fuel consumption and big on safety, but nothing compares to seeing, driving and feeling it all for yourself. It’s the small big things that make the biggest difference.


Standard with Infotainment

On-road entertainment is the name of the game and getting an Atos is how you play it right. The Atos comes standard with Infotainment with Apple Carplay, so you can access your playlists from all music streaming apps, chat hands-free on WhatsApp and explore your city using your favourite navigation app.


The Atos radiates beauty from both inside and out with full-size wheel covers and a high mounted stop lamp. Express your persona and find the colour that compliments your style from polar white to fiery red.

Light your Journey

Like you, the Atos was made for big things. Beyond its effortlessly cool design, this sporty model combines awesome performance with convenient safety features and top-notch connectivity. Your journey to greatness starts here.