Hyundai EX8

Efficient, powerful and reliable – meet the Mighty EX8..


Why EX8?

The Mighty EX8 epitomises innovation, strength and quality – bringing you a great partner for business. Manufactured with proprietary Hyundai steel and holding an impressive 4-year unlimited-mileage warranty, the EX8 has the strength and assurance to transport maximum cargo with sheer confidence and safety.

Superior Design and Functionality

The advanced, practical design of the EX8, gives your business a competitive edge. An improved step design, secure-grip door handles and a much wider field of view form part of the great standout features that promote safer, easier and more controlled driving.

Extra Space, Extra Safety

Enjoy an enhanced lower-back supportive seat, an easily accessible instrument panel and more headroom and legroom than ever before in the Mighty EX8. The taller and wider windows, redesigned side mirrors and night-optimised headlights offer superior safety and peace of mind.