Mahindra XUV 500

The New Mahindra XUV500

If you think going off the beaten track means roughing it, think again. The stylish Mahindra XUV500 will bring a new level of luxury to your adventure, captivating your senses on every level. Start your journey with the feeling you’ve already arrived, with the plush, all-black Mahindra XUV500 interiors and luxurious leather* seats. Look up at the stars through the electric sunroof with anti-pinch and sip a refreshing drink from the cool box in the front console. Luxury and adventure meet style and space.


Bold Stance, Brand New Style

Rugged exterior lines and soft interior finishes give this ultra-modern SUV a bold exterior stance of a sports utility vehicle while still exuding the interior elegance of a passenger car.
The new static bending headlamps with light guides integrate perfectly with the stylish new grille, while the introduction of black detailing running down to the bold chrome of the newly designed fog lamps. 

Driver Infotainment System

The Driver Infotainment System delivers crystal clear audio throughout the vehicle through six-speakers which is operated via a 7-inch full-colour touchscreen display. Voice activation and fingertip controls will allow you to enjoy audio and mobile usage safely, and with total control.