New Suzuki Vitara

The first-generation Suzuki Vitara was conceptualized back in 1988 when Suzuki’s vision of an all-wheel drive turned into reality with the launch of an authentically compact SUV with rugged lines and enhanced driving dynamics. Twenty five years on and the Suzuki Vitara’s heritage is embodied in a fresh SUV, now with two efficient engine choices a 1.6 and a 1.4t with BoosterJet.

Style and comfort

The spacious interior of the Suzuki Vitara redefines the modern compact SUV with comfort, driving intelligence and a high level of luxurious finishes throughout the cabin. The GLX model boasts an impressive sunroof which consists of two overlapping glass panels which can both slide, so they don’t affect the cabin or carrier space.

4X4 Capabilities

The ALLGRIP 4 wheel drive (4WD) system has four modes consisting of Auto, Sport, Mud/Snow and Lock, all of which is designed to maximise road grip while decreasing running costs.
The powerful 1.6-litre engine is responsive and produces confident driving on busy city roads as well as winding lanes while the reduced friction and weight in the engine ensures exceptional fuel economy